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7 tips to take the best travel photos

post by – Ritu

Hello people ! i hope you all are doing well . we all want to get a good travel photos for our Instagram , Facebook posts. For making Interesting travel photos i am here to give you some natural tips it will enhance your photography.

In my opinion , good photos should have ability to communicate with the viewer. by through its composition lighting and most importantly its subject matter.

Here’s my normal advice and tips to all of you.

1.Involve with nature : First of all, look around yourself & take a long breathe just try to be in that moment. If you want to get a best travel photos ‘INVOLVE WITH NATURE’ . Choose natural items like flowers, trees, clouds, weather, mountains , gardens, water, air, soil etc. Just feel all of that, which helps you to get a best shot

2. the power of ‘SUN’ : Sun is a bright & vivid tool for getting a better picture , it will just make your images more beautiful even you couldn’t resist to make a profile picture of your instagram. It’s best to put the light source behind you so, that it brings out your subject. Yes , duh! You might have seen the power of light. It always provide the extra ‘brightness’ to the photographs. SUN is a shine & WINE for the photos. So , make sure sun should be present in your photos.

3. Make the Angles : After getting light , now next tip is Making ‘Angles’ makes your images look much bigger than they are in actually. If you really want them to look effective in your images, then it’s the best way you can use in your best TRAVEL PHOTOS . Different angles you can use for ex – lay down, sit down , stand up , standing up or under something , etc.. If you know more angles you can go for them also , this will add different meanings & levels of engagement for the audience.

4. Capture tiny details : as we all know , detailing of Photography just attract us to look into that more. In the same way if we click photos with tiny details it will just attract more people to appreciate your work. Because ‘CLOSE UP’ details allows you to capture small details that you wouldn’t able to find in a photo taken from further away. Its a powerful tip ever you should try this.

5. Do not try to pose, CANDID pictures are the best : Now , as we know, we love to give poses but , always posing wouldn’t give you the best shot for the best Travel Photos , whenever, we take photos we just stand & make a good pose & try to be look good in pictures. We all does that , no need to feel emberresed right? For the best travel photos i think we should go for CANDID ones what do you say? I think you should try it yourself.5

6. Happiness is pictures : ‘Happiness’ is that when we don’t give fake smile to get clicked in the camera . It should be like real ones right? Just Be Yourself. Do whatever what makes you happy . It should reflect from your photos when you are actually happy take an example – you are so hungry & at the moment you get your happiness ‘pizza’ it will literally make you happy right? In a same way , your photos should be like that , so do things what makes you actually happy & it will just add even more stars to your photographs.

7. Tell story with your photos : The last & the best tip ever. Make your photos like others should give you the story line & cover name for your pictures. Isn’t it actually funny. That , some other persons telling your story by seeing your images. Those pictures should tell your story behind that , let others guess & come to you & tell you the different stories . It will be funny that everyone is texting you commenting on your post with different stories . I can assure you , that will make you laugh after reading that stories & its a funny tip though !

Conclusion : Are you feeling bad about your old travel photos or you have tried many times to get that perfect shot and searching about a good content where you can take some good ideas. You are on the right place.

Now it’s your turn to shine with wine. Share your ‘ best travel’ photos , experience and Some more tips below.